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2017 : 100 idées pour une France numérique

In this book, several opinion leaders with very different histories share their own specific views on the impact of the digital. Moreover, the describe and analyze the innovations they want to see implemented in France.


#100idées to keep direction to a digital France and accompany the changes caused by the powerful waves of this major social mutation.


This book was an idea of the G9+. The G9+ institute is a think tank which gathers 20 alumni communities from different French universities.  

Luc Bretones

Luc Bretones
Luc Bretones is a business expert of new technologies and an IT, Internet of Things and of big data. He is the director of the digital think tank Institut G9+, which federates alumni from schools and universities and develops a strong proximity with startups and with entrepreneur networks. He was part of the launch of Startup Weekend and of the show Hello Startup in France.

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