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They make our smartphone work and the play the secret mechanisms of our digital world. But nobody know about their lives. Nobody realizes what being and IT guy means. 

Strip I.T. Blues

François-Xavier Chenevat

François-Xavier Chenevat
François-Xavier was born in 1977 in Lyon. He is an author and a drawer who specialized drawing the corporate world with humor. He worked during 12 years for a consulting firm in Paris. Today, he spends his time managing seminars, drawing for the press and managing several book projects. Inspirations First of all, he shows a suspicious taste for animals wearing suits and for coffee machines. Then, he sincerely loves the professional universe, this exceptional, fierce and moving biotope where a lot of different species can have more or less difficulties to cohabitate. Finally, he gets inspired by exaggerating and deforming an idea or a prejudice, until making it absurd… That is why Fix insists: "Any resemblance with a real person, a real situation or real practices would...

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