Comme un lundi au bureau

In this charming  illustrated book, Hortense brings us an acerbic description of life at work, with portraits of colleagues we’ll all recognize: the strange (we call them chelou in French), the quirky, the droll!. She also provides hilarious insights on how to survive in an open space office, endure terrible meetings, and avoid someone like a hot potato.


Hortense Bender is a French blogger (Latte sans sucre) who lives in Hong Kong. She used to work in an open space office, the ultimate observation post from which to find inspiration for her blog and book.

Hortense Bender

Hortense Bender
Hortense Bender is a designer and an illustrator. She has a delicious and sharp line. She left the corporate world to begin her business as a freelancer. Thanks to her several-year experience in an open space, she illustrates with talent and a lot of humor the singularities of our colleagues. It results in a disturbing sense of déjà vu… Find more about her work on her blog:

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