Nous réinventons notre entreprise

The story of one of the companies that Frédéric Laloux studied in the best-seller Reinventing Organizations!


Michel Sarrat was appointed general executive of GT Location in 1986. By then, he was considered as a traditional director. In the book, he tells us how he reinvented his grandfather's company.


However, this French road transport company has not known an actual success story. In this fiercely competitive industry, regulations are important. Michel Sarrat tells the "true" story of a company and how collective intelligence has helped overcome major crisis.


This book explains the steps of a company's transformation, necessary effort, the possible mistakes, but also good surprises and satisfaction that come as a result of collective intelligence.


In this testimony book, you can feel the power of the collaborators' implication when trust is their motor. And maybe you will feel the need to start this process too?


Michel Sarrat

Michel Sarrat
Michel Sarrat graduated from Bordeaux business school. He is the grandson of GT Location's founder. In 1979, he joined the company as a development director. In 2001, he was appointed Chief Executive after an Executive-MBA at HEC (top French business school). The deep transformation of his company is the result of a collective process implying all the employees along with inner work and a brainstorming on leaders' mission. 

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