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Voyage au centre de la Tech

Today, sci-fi is all around and feeds our imagination. BrainTech, Bio Tech, Sex Tech, Space Tech, Tech for Good: Tech is everywhere as S.F. is. Tesla’s CEO, who chose Mars as the final destination for his Falcon Heavy Rocket, is working on the elaboration of a bionic man. Meanwhile, China is investing in genetically modified “superhumans” and is planning on sending them to its palace on the Moon. These projects are not crazy nerd’s. They come from GAFA’s bosses whose imagination overflows with sci-fi.


In a world facing unprecedented changes, this book explores a prolific world and offers a reflection on the links between science-fiction and innovation. As the book progresses, these links keep developing. This book describes a phenomenon which constitutes a strikingly accurate way to analyze our modern society. 

Agnès Zevaco

Agnès Zevaco
Agnès Zevaco has a Management MBA (EM Lyon Business School) and a 3rd cycle doctorate in language science (Université de Grenoble Alpes). She used to be head of institutional partnerships for BNP Paribas. She designed the exhibition “Wave” (wave-innovation.com) and brought it to several continents. Thanks to this event, she got to understand innovation ecosystems better.

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