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Révolutionner la santé et la sécurité au travail

Finally, a positive and motivating approach to health and safety at work!


Today, all companies take preventing professional risks as a top priority. However, the figures on accidents and serious diseases remain the same… Even worse, our old models and their controlling systems discourage employees. Did we go too far? How to improve our performances? How to stimulate employees’ interest on health and safety? The innovative organisations that have been studied in this book answered these questions and transformed their culture by blowing a wind of change on health and safety at work.


In this book, Mikael Mourey shows with irony the nonsenses of traditional management on health and safety at work. He describes simple and practical ideas to be able to put collective agility and intelligence at the centre of the process and to improve the performances of companies.


“Mikael Mourey has, all along this very good book, an inspiring look on hygiene, safety and the environment”

Olivier Lajous, former HRD of the French Navy, president of the board of BPI Group, writer


“This book is necessary to wake live forces up in companies.”

Robert Brunck, former CEO of CGG, president of the CEDEP and of the ARMINES


“The evolution of society and technology requires that we have a modern and innovative approach to health, safety at the work place or in services, as described in this book. What is at stake is the protection, the well-being of employees and, obviously, operational effectiveness.”

Gregory Allione, president of the National federation of Firefighters of France


Nicolas Caruso

Nicolas Caruso
Nicolas is a design facilitator, a designer and an illustrator. He used to work in advertising. During 10 years, he worked for communication consultancy agencies. He uses his drawing to help accelerate projects.

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Mikael Mourey

Mikael Mourey
Mikael Mouray is a health and safety manager of a major international firm.   He used to be a Health, Safety and Environment manager in the oil industry. He also was an entrepreneur, manager of joint warfare operations and manager of rescue operations of the marine firefighters of Marseille. In this unusual and diverse career, there is one common characteristic: risk management.

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