The Adventure

About us

Diateino (Greek for "I'm moving forward") is an independent publishing house founded in 2002 by Dominique Gibert and specialized in entrepreneurship, management, career advice, marketing, Web, social medias, business self-help.

Our Authors

Diateino is the French Publisher of renowned authors such as Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin, and intends to offer books that gather excellence and accessibility.

Additional information

Visit our website, and feel free to contact our team if you have any question.

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The Team

Dominique Gibert

Dominique Gibert was a jurist before she created Diateino Publishing in 2002. Her goal is to publish positive books that makes the reader want to start new projects.

Claire Gautier

Claire Gautier joined the team in 2005 as an editor in chief, to develop her favourite subjects with an inquiring and enthusiastic mind : self-improvement and career building.

Jean-Noël Chaintreuil

Jean-Noël Chaintreuil is specialized in strategy, management, human ressources and social networks. After several conversations on Twitter, and a few IRL meetings, he launched the collection « Social Networks », that he still manages today.

Clara Nauche

After a first expérience in publishing in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada), Clara started an internship, while the company was starting to grow significantly. In July 2011, she graduated from her Master’s degree in publishing (Master 2 Politiques Éditoriales, Paris 13 – Villetaneuse) and pursues today the adventure with us as a Junior Publisher.

They hit the road with us... and it’s not over !

Agathe Portail - de Limerville

After graduating from the ESSCA, Agathe was hired to manage the Web Marketing at the newspaper Le Point. Agathe totally impressed us with her social relations skills and the way she sold a lot of books at the Paris Book Fair. She also managed the launch of Diateino on Facebook.

Coraline Henry

After an internship at Diateino, when she was studying Publishing in Paris, Coraline worked with us as a publishing assistant, where she always noticed when something was wrong. She also worked for a printer, which enabled her to develop skills in the production process. She is now a very talented graphic designer.

Aurélie Le Guyader

After an internship at Diateino, Aurélie was attracted by the communication sector. Her publishing talents bloomed with Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check. She graduated from her Master’s degree in Book Marketing in July 2011, and is now a junior Publisher at L’Express Roularta.

Thibaut François

Video games fan, Thibaut traveled across France to sell Diateinno"’s books in Montpellier in December 2010, at the 11th forum of Creation and Entrepreneurship.

Axel Tripoteau

Axel is bilingual and has a degree in Political Sciences. He carefully read several manuscripts (Poke the box, for example) and made very relevant remarks. He now lives in Cambodia where he works with humanitarian associations.

Françoise Saulin

Françoise is part of the team since the very beginning of the adventure. She brought rigour in the fizziness of the first months, and still participates to all the events organized or joined by Diateino, with an enthusiastic and pragmatic mind.