Social Pollinisation

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Social Pollinisation

Social pollination is simply brands and organizations populating social media sites with content to let the message spread further than traditional marketing techniques would allow. In the past, company websites were a place for people to learn about brands; now, people turn to social media sites for this information. In response, companies are creating content that can be shared easily across social platforms. Social pollination is about embracing the power of communities and using it to your advantage.

What you will learn in Social Pollination :

• The 7 business goals social media is best suited for
• How to create a social media strategy that makes sense for your business goals
• Which specific platforms YOU should build a presence on
• The 12 social media success factors and how you can optimize them to go viral using any social media tool
• How to create content that people want to share
• How publicity and advertising can improve your results
• Advanced techniques to measure your social media campaigns
• How to build a social media team and optimize your time with social media

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Monica O'Brien

Monica O'Brien
Monica O'Brien, spécialiste reconnue des médias sociaux aux Etats-Unis, est responsable du département Digital de Fizz, agence de marketing viral. Elle conseille également des start-up et des petites et moyennes entreprises sur leur stratégie médias sociaux.Monica est titulaire d'un MBA en stratégie, marketing et entrepreneuriat (Université de Chicago), et d'une licence en informatique.Elle vit actuellement à Chicago, avec son mari et son westie, Mia.Son site (ou son blog) : 

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