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L'expérience, le nouveau moteur de l'entreprise

Inès Pauly and Christophe Rebours present the new model they want for companies: a growth based on the customer's experience, respect of all the stakeholders and consideration of people's real needs.

When business combines design and human sciences (sociology, anthropology…), it gives an opportunity to companies to change their perspective on their activities and to focus their innovationoin authentic and real needs. By observing how men behave and responding to deep needs, companies can generate growth which will lead to value and general well-being.

They study companies where these process already exist, and where their result show that a major change is possible.

Contributors : Bruno Aidan, Jean-Marc Borello, Jean-François Caron, Marc Delbreil, Dominique Desjeux, Alain Dufossé, Paul-François Fournier, Arnault Gournac, Sophie Heller, Antony Masson, Frédéric Mazzella, Jean-Daniel Muller, Frédérique Pain, Philippe Picaud, Jean-Michel Ricard, Laetitia Ricci, Gilles Rougon, Philippe Silberzahn, Stéphane Thirouin, Cécile Troquart.


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