The author : Connie Dieken

In the USA, Connie Dieken is a renowned master of effective communication. She is the founder and the president of onPoint Communication. A lot of companies (Apple, Olympus, McDonald's, Moen, The Cleveland Clinic, Pacific Life, Progressive Insurance, American Greetings) have hired her to improve their communication methods. She implements a high-quality communication process, which shows extraordinary results, no matter the context: presentations, products launches, mergers/acquisitions, annual meetings, relations with investors, change in the corporate culture, media interventions, leadership coaching…

Therefore, Connie Dieken helps people be at the best of their capacity in a world where emergency, distractions and shortcuts are everywhere. Connie Dicken is a communication coach and she won an Emmy Award for her work as an news anchor. She used to do reports and to present very popular shows such as The Morning Exchange. She is one of the big names of American broadcasting.