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Lever des fonds - Comprendre et maîtriser toutes les étapes

Fundraising has something of an uphill battle. Before engaging in a complex and sometimes dangerous process, which is likely to last much more than 3 months, unlike what some entrepreneurs seem to think, you will have to get familiar with a specific terminology that can be "barbaric" and make sure you understand what investors expect from you.


Inviting investors into your capital means partially losing the control of your business. You could even lose your initial investment due to the combination of several unknown clauses some investors could suggest.


If you want your company to grow fast (to be on a market very fast or grow internationally for example) fundraising remains essential. Make sure you master all its steps!


In this practical guide, Xavier Milin raises worse case scenarios and gives true advice based on practical and quantitative example and on his experience. You will discover the steps of fundraising, how to enhance your company, how to negotiate the letter of intent, how a due diligence takes place and… how to live after the fundraising. 

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