La théorie du grain de sable

What if making the best of toxic personalities in organizations was possible?


By themselves, pests are able to block a whole system out, just like a grain of sand can jam a machine… Despites their cool and flexible appearance, grains of sand are stubborn! They are reticent and controlling them is not always possible…


What if science could help in the detection and management of these pests?


Based on the particularities of each kind of grain of sand, this book helps you detect, understand and neutralize vermin acting in organizations.There are seven types of grains of sand in companies: Whimer, KnowItAll, WeatherVane, Sloth, ChiefSupreme, Dumbass and Grumpy.


This book gives you tips to cohabitate with them, to manage them on a daily basis and sometimes, to get the best from their defaults in the sandpit!

Laurence Bourgeois

Laurence Bourgeois
Laurence Bourgeois has been working in HR for the past twenty years. She wrote several personal development and professional efficiency books, in which she shares her amused and acidic views of the corporate world. 

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