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La Nouvelle organisation apprenante

Men and women working for your company are your major asset. Thanks to growingly motivated and competent workers your business can thrive. The key to success lies in collective intelligence. As a manager, a HR director, an operation manager, it is your responsibility to create adequate human and organizational conditions.


La Nouvelle organisation apprenante (The New Learning Organization) is a practical guide which helps you implement a “learning” state of mind in your organization. It also teaches you how to drive some of your employees to develop their potential and others to show theirs. Thanks to practical tools and examples, you will be able to start this new organization that was waiting for you.

Laurent Habart

Laurent Habart
Laurent Habart is an independent consultant. He is a specialist of organization’s performance and an expert in training. He helps companies design and implement learning organizations and define innovative skills development policies. He also helps them organize multimodal projects.

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