Accompagner le vivant

Accompagner le vivant (Embrace the living) is the first book which compares three fields that seem unrelated at first: farming, education and management.



In this book, we learn how to get inspiration from smart and agile movement in organic farming, alternative education and from the “liberated companies” movement. The purpose of this book is to encourage autonomy, to take care of gardens, children, men and woman and to make interdependency and freedom a priority again.



Based on around fifteen testimonies from researchers, farmers, managers and educators, this essay is a call for a personal transformation and a global transition. It encourages to humbly and happily become a person who accompanies. It reveals a new way to see the world, based on helping each other, hilling and emancipation.



Louise Browaeys is an agronomist, she wrote several books and she is a mother of a little boy. For 10 years, she has been working in organic farming, healthy food, corporate responsibility and permaculture.


“What immediately strikes the reader is the energy and optimism there are in this book: changing our lifestyle is possible, some people already do, and it makes those who take this step forward stronger, happier and freer.”

An excerpt from the philosopher Catherine Larrère’s foreword

Louise Browaeys

Louise Browaeys
Louise Browaeys is an agronomist, and for 10 years, she has been working in organic farming, food, corporate responsibility and permaculture. She is a consultant and a trainer and she regularly speak during sessions on ecology.     She wrote and participated in writing several successful books, including Permaculture au quotidien (Terre vivante, 2018) (Everyday Permaculture), Mon bébé bio et veggie (Terre vivante, 2018) (My Organic and Vegetarian Baby), Je cuisine écolo (ou presque) (Larousse, 2019) (My (almost) Ecological Cooking).  

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