We Are All Weird: The Myth of Mass and The End of Compliance

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The one-size-fits-all factory oriented world is disappearing so fast, we can feel it. The rise of addressable tribes, of mini-communities and people obsessed with causes, hobbies and passions is changing politics, economics, marketing, manufacturing and everything else. You can fight to protect the status quo (and lose) or engage in the most important revolution of our time. This manifesto is a call to action for anyone who ever cared a lot about something.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin
Seth Godin (born July 10th, 1960) is an American entrepreneur and former direct marketing manager at Yahoo. He is also a writer and a successful speaker. He popularized permission marketing, an approach of communication and advertising in which permission is asked to the target first as opposed to interruption marketing. The point of permission marketing is to push the client to enter and then to accept growing levels of permission (or consent) for a brand or a product through relational marketing. His book Linchpin was published in 2010. It goes beyond marketing to deal with personal development. The books he wrote after that one promote professional accomplishment. They encourage people to be unique and to start. In February 2012, Seth Godin published a manifesto for free download: Stop Stealing Dreams

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