52 Eternal Tips to Get Started and Innovate

“The book I wish I wrote.”
Julien Levy, teacher at HEC (School for high commercial studies, co-author of Mercator)
 “Original, surprisingly modern and inspiring.”
Pierre Chappaz, CEO and founder of WIKIO and founder of KELKOO
“To read urgently, a book by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs.”
Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, CEO and Co-founder of the PRICEMINISTER group
"Perfect for the text message generation, you cruise from advice to advice, without a chance to switch off."
Guilhem Bertholet, head for HEC incubator
"Jacques Birol gives birth to change with an amazing book..."
Challenges, French leading economic magazine
"A must read."
Les Echos, French leading economic daily
"My bedside book."
Patrice Duhamel, leading business influencer in Canada
How can a Jesuit of the XVIIth century inspire daily entrepreneurs of our century? Contemporary of Descartes, who declared “I think therefore I am”, of Galileo to whom “And yet it moves!” is attributed, and of Spinoza who posed as Descartes’ opponent by granting body a role in thought, Baltasar Gracian did not gather as much fame as they did.
All his life he acts like a rebel, like a man who opposes the established order, fights hierarchy and orders he reluctantly executes. He opens his path opposing his religious order – the Society of Jesus -, which will make him pay dearly. He dies exhausted following his exile, ordered to survive on bread and water by his hierarchy. He is a protester, a free man determined to make his ideas prevail against all opposition.
The Art of Worldly Wisdom, released under the title L’Art de la prudence (editions Payot et Rivages), has been translated in the entire world since its publication. It deserved to be “translated” into the language of the XXIst century, the language of a world facing changes driven by entrepreneurs, a world which often ignores the barriers of language, but above all a fast, even superfast world.
To make Baltasar Gracian's thinking operational, Jacques Birol made the choice of selectivity, and confronted each maxim with its contemporary mirror. This way, the 52 selected maxims have been translated into the language of action. Commentaries find their inspiration in the entrepreneurial culture of our time, sometimes referring to personalities, some well-known, some less, but each exceptional. With a surprisingly contemporary, operational and 100% practical result.
The first effect of this book is that more and more business plans are starting by a Gracian quotation.

Jacques Birol

Jacques Birol
Jacques Birol is new ideas lover. He helps companies and entrepreneurs succeed. His method relies on a new communication approach. It was designed for change and innovation: Dream/Enlighten/Reinsure (Rêver/Eclairer/Rassurer ®). Jacques Birol Graduated from HEC (top French business school) and was trained in California. He is the director of LESS&MORE, a firm he founded. He cofounded the website KELJOB.COM and he used to be the president of the Publicis Etoile agency. He teaches at HEC (top French business school) and at the École des Mines (prestigious French engineering school).

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