The author : Clément Vouillon

Clément Vouillon studied engineering at the Institut polytechnique of Grenoble (an engineering school). He has a Master's degree in Management New Technologies, specialty E-Business from HEC (top French business school). He began his entrepreneurial adventure by cofounding his first Internet startup related to education:

He is a startup lover and in 2009, he created a blog which closely analyzes innovation for phone and web services, and among other things, social geo-tracking. Even if it is still quite confidential in France, he felt it had a great future ahead.   

On his blog, he was able to know and exchange with the first community of mobile geo-tracking lovers and with professionals too, which helped him build his expertise.

Clément Vouillon regularly speaks at HEC's companies incubator (HEC is the top French business school). He is a redactor for the blog TechCrunch France, number one French blog dedicated to startups.

Website (or blog) :