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Let’s go, kids of the Internet !

This vibrant essay from Christophe Ginisty is addressed to everyone who wants to comprehend the impact of the Internet users’ free speech on politics and media. This book is a plea for all the stakeholders – mere citizen or rulers - to understand and accept the new balance of power which is set up.
Isn’t the generation Y – those born with the Internet – fulfilling the dream of the students of 68, breaking down the barriers of conservatism to set up a decidedly new society?

Christophe Ginisty

Christophe Ginisty
In 1988, as he is 24, Christophe GInisty starts Rumeur publique (public Rumors), a public relationships agency for new technologies actors. He starts his first blog in 2004 and gets involved in politics and associations to fight the digital gap. He advises politicians on their Internet communication strategies. He founded Internet sans frontières in 2007 (Internet without borders), a NGO which works for the freedom of speech on the Internet. He is a committed citizen regarding digital and he advocates for a positive Internet and social media approach. Website (or blog):

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