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The Technique for success

It’s never too late to learn a mindset success.  Anyone, at any age, possesses the means to succeed.

Rarely does a highly successful businessman reveal the secrets of his personal success. However, in this book André Muller shares the methods and motivational techniques that are the keys to his success in business.

For those wanting better time management techniques for improved efficiency, this book – now accessible to all - provides a practical and progressive method for developing these skills. This best seller was also published by Le Grand Livre du Mois, Pocket France,  and translated by China Youth Pubishing and Prentice Hall of India.

André Muller

André Muller
André Muller was born in 1925 in Strasbourg. His career was remarkable for many different reasons. When he was 23, he founded a legal and fiscal information magazine, la Documentation Organique (the Organic Documentation). In Alsace (a French region), all the certified accountants read it. They made it their main source of information and crowned it. Then, it was distributed in the whole country with 12 volumes of documentation on lose-leaf sheets (he wrote the four first volumes). Today, la Documentation Organique is the reference documentation for certified accountants. He obtained his doctorate when he was 30 as he was writing his thesis while managing his company. He graduated from the Faculty of Laws of Strasbourg, and was a charismatic company leader. He managed to lead a team of inexperienced workers (they were all about 20) to s...

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