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All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog

French version of All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog 

First published in the USA by SkyHorse publishing

The Real Story of Angel, a Rescued Golden Retriever, who Inspired the New Four Golden Rules of Management.
 What a 91-year-old management guru learned about management from an unlikely source—his dog.
When 91-year-old legendary management guru Martin Levin decided to adopt a dog by the name of Angel, he thought he was in for an interesting experience, yet not a challenging one. It didn’t take long for him to learn that he was wrong. Very wrong. Following one of the guiding mantras of his life to never stop learning, Levin found that each day with his dog brought new insights. Through interacting with Angel, he began to recall some personal adventures that added to this insight. And as it turned out, his journey led him toward realizing the Four Golden Rules of Management:
      Rule 1: Trust and Leadership
      Rule 2: Communication
      Rule 3: Problem Solving and Decision Making
      Rule 4: Perseverance
In the end, Levin found that his Four Golden Rules of Management were so simple that even Angel understood them. Thus, if a manager can develop trust, it will lead to corporate excellence, provided he or she is able to communicate effectively, make the right strategic decisions, and, above all, persevere. Levin’s book is one to entertain, inspire, and educate business executives (and dog lovers).

Martin Levin

Martin Levin
During 17 years, Martin Levin directed the Times Mirror's Book section, number 5 international publisher in the United States. He is now an intellectual property lawyer. His work for publishing goes on with his teaching and his involvement in the Association of American Publishers. Website (or blog): http://www.martinlevin.com/

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