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Grannies Knit - How to be a bad Grandmother

First published in the UK by Michael O’Mara

Becoming a grand-mother is a strange experience.
One minute you're a busy, youthful person getting on with your life, and the next time, WHOOSH! You're one of the older generation.
Did anyone ask you how you would feel about this? Luckily, help is at hand in the form of this witty guide to grannyhood. From the original shock to the journey through pregnancy, this book covers it all, including the thorny issue of names and the even thornier issue of the compétitive Other Grandmother.

Joan Pritchett

Joan Pritchett
Joan Pritchett is a happy grandmother of 4 kids. Her husband is the journalist Oliver Pritchett. Her son Matt is a press drawer and her daughter Goergia is a television scenarist.

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