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With the development of social media, society is experiencing deep evolutions, which affect our social interactions, our relation to information, to work and to authority. To remain competitive and allow all of its talents to collaborate, a company must incorporate all those changes. HR seem natural drivers of this mutation.


What are the stakes for HR? What impact do social media have on business? How to make talent management more collaborative and more efficient? The author answers all those questions by relying on actual testimonies from professionals ( managers, HR...) from BNP Paribas, Groupama, VMWare, La Française des Jeux (the French operator for lottery games)....


Holding a doctorate in Knowledge Management, Alexandre Pachulski is the co-founder and general product managet of Talentsoft.

Preface by Jean-Marie Peretti and Richard Collin.


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Alexandre Pachulski

Alexandre Pachulski
Alexandre Pachulski  is a Product Director at TalentSoft, a company he cofounded. He has a doctorate in Knowledge Management, a discipline he developed a passion for. His favorite field is talent management, that he puts into practice at TalentSoft. He regularly writes and have exchanges about this subject on his blog, Les Talents d'Alex (Alex's talents).

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