L'innovation Jugaad

Jugaad is a popular hindi word which may be roughly translated as "the art of conceiving clever solutions", which is widely practiced in emerging countries. It litterally is the art to "do more with less", in difficult conditions.

In a world where financial and energy resources are more and more limited, western companies are more and more inspired by the art of conceiving clever solutions which are developed in emerging countries.

Jugaad entrepreneurs perceive these pressures as so many incentives to innovate. This book highlights the way these jugaad innovators think and act. It identifies precious lessons from which the West may benefit.

To adapt this book, 8 French innovative company managers were interviewed.

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Cover picture : © Avinash Chugh 

French edition printed courtesy of WILEY.

French translation of Jugaad Innovation

French edition : Preface by Carlos Ghosn

Translation-adaptation : Jean-Joseph Boillot


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