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If you want to get rid of the gloomy atmosphere at the office, if you don't like going in circle, if you want your team to lastingly improve, this guide is made for you!

This book suggests 80 games with their detailed explations, graphics and sketches, which will help you find solutions to problems you would maybe never have thought about.

But... Why playing? As a change compared to endless and often boring meetings. With games, you use experimentation to trigger clicks within your team.

Brainstorming through game will make you and your team discover unexplored lands which will lead you to completing and mastering revolutionnary new projects.

If you want to implement Gamestorming workshops in your company, please contact us.


Available as ebook here !

For Kindle : here !

Dave Gray

Dave Gray
Dave Gray is a management consultant and a graphical data analysis expert. He also founded XPLANE, a company specialised in data communication techniques and now part of the Dachis Group, world leader in consulting and graphic design. Dave Gray organises workshops and trainings for team leaders or companies. He also founded VizTink, the largest international community of graphic facilitators, and is the author of The Connected Company.  

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