La Méthode Running Lean

French version of Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to Plan that Works, by Ash Maurya.




«The simple and practical models presented in Running Lean provide tools that any startup, no matter its development stage, may use to conceive new organisations and new, innovative and revolutionary products.» Eric Ries

You are an entrepreneur or you are about to start? You are a manager and are creating a new product? Here is the practical guide which will allow you to apply the Lean Startup's principles and will explain, through practical examples, how to iterate from your idea until you get your first customers, and how to succeed.


Running Lean will  save you precious time by putting your customers at the heart of the process, to focus on what is important, to constantly test, measure and adapt through your product's development cycle, without taking major technical or financial risks.

 In this book, you will find a clear, detailed and practical roadmap with outlines and models towards sucess.

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Published with the kind permission of O'Reilly

Translated into French by Amandine Auzerais

Introduction by Eric Ries

Watch the launch conference at Numa Paris, with Sébastien Sacard among others, on our YouTube channel.

Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya
Ash Maurya was one of the firsts to adopts Steve Blank's and Eric Ries' methods (respectively customer development and Lean Startup). He launched various products and startups such as Spark59 and WiredReach. He conducts workshops to help entrepreneurs define and test their vision. He is a mentor for startups incubators such as Mozilla Foundation, Year One Labs and Capital Factory. 

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