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Are We All Lost in Management?

The fact is, management is going around in circles. Of course, we have seen plenty of fashions and artificial innovations. “Revolutionary” books have made the rounds, supposed to change our outlook and transform the art of organizing work.


In Europe and North America, and now even in the so-called emerging countries, whenever François Dupuy has been able to set managers or executives to work on everyday situations encountered in their working lives, the same questions, the same problems, the same difficulties have consistently come to the fore.


This book seeks to explain why. To all appearances, the “science” (or what passes for it) of management is making great strides—and yet the questions facing executives testify to their remarkable persistence.


First published in French by Le Seuil under the title La faillite de la pensée managériale.

Translated from the French by Rupert Swyer.

Foreword by François Clement-Grandcourt.

François Dupuy

François Dupuy
François Dupuy est professeur de management, éducateur et consultant. Il est spécialiste de sociologie et d’organisation des entreprises. Il a écrit de nombreux livres en français et en anglais. Son ouvrage le plus connu est le best-seller La faillite de la pensée managériale, publié par Le Seuil en France et par Plagrave Macmillan en anglais sous le titre Business for the 21st century : Towards Simplicity and Trust.

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