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Everybody Wants to Love Their Job

To change the world, change work: Bringing the human element back into management isn’t some feel-good, idealistic goal; it’s a financial imperative. The new industrial revolution is automating labor-intensive processes the same way for all companies. So what will your competitive differentiator be? More than ever: your employees. You had better make sure that they love their job! And, believe it or not, they want to.  After all, who likes to waste a big chunk of the day? Is giving people a job they can love possible? Yes. Will it be easy? It depends, but where there’s an executive will, there’s a way.  However, you may need to change your thinking.


Companies must reinvent themselves over and over to keep their market-relevance. The same goes if they want to further their sociological congruity and stop bleeding fortunes in employee disenchantment and turnover. In other words, they must breathe new life into their most powerful asset, their human infrastructure. 


“Everyone Wants to Love Their Job shows us how the energizing culture of the start-up world can be imported to even the biggest organizations. A powerful case for bringing the human element back into management.” Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management at the Wharton School and director of Wharton's Center for Human Resources.


“Marylene Delbourg-Delphis has written the definitive guidebook for navigating the future of work and building the ‘human infrastructure’ that engages the hearts and souls of employees, and establishes enduring cultures of trust.” Dan Farber, SVP Strategic Communications, Salesforce.


“This is a GREAT book. It will help you understand how to recruit great people and, even better, how to ensure that they love their job. And when you have great people who love their job, not even the sky is the limit.” Guy Kawasaki, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Chief Evangelist of Canva, Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and Executive Fellow of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). 


“A must-read for businesses large and small. Marylene's insights into the new workplace are spot on with current and future trends in this tight talent market. This book gives you a roadmap to helping your workforce love their job.”  Jessica Miller-Merrell, Founder/CEO of Workology, HR Leader, Author, Speaker.


“A clear, operational, universal, and forward-looking approach to the art of working, regardless of a company’s stage of development.” Gilles-Noël Poirieux, President of EVH and former General Manager at Sodexo Poland and Russia, and head of the Sodexo Management Institute.

Marylène Delbourg-Delphis

Marylène Delbourg-Delphis
Marylène Delbourg-Delphis vit dans la Silicon Valley depuis 1987. Elle a commencé sa carrière d’entrepreneur en France comme fondatrice d’ACI (4e Dimension), qui a lancé la première base de données relationnelle sur le Macintosh en 1985. Elle est l’une des premières femmes européennes à avoir démarré une entreprise dans la Silicon Valley en créant ACI-US avec Guy Kawasaki en 1987. Marylène Delbourg-Delphis est ensuite devenue PDG d’Exemplary Software (un spin-off de Hewlett-Packard), de Brixlogic (acquise par Diebold) et TalentCircles. Au cours de sa carrière, elle a aussi assisté une trentaine d’entreprises en tant que shadow CEO, administrateur ou conseillère en stratégie et a négocié plusieurs acquisitions. Ancienne élève de l’École normale supérieure, elle a été aussi membre du Conseil national du numérique. Elle est au conseil d’...

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