The Enterprise Social Networks

Collection : 101 Questions
Collection manager : Jean-Noël Chaintreuil
Setting up an Enterprise Social Network enables employees, managers and service providers to exchange informations and opinions about the enterprise, for a better and a faster growth, and a new kind of management.
How can you convince your managers to set up an ESN? How should it be animated? What are the dos and don’ts?
Anthony Poncier brings 101 answers to the 101 questions you have to ask before setting up and managing an ESN, with precise arguments and clear diagrams, to lead the reader through his discovery of this new tool.

Anthony Poncier

Anthony Poncier
Anthony Poncier has a Doctorate in History. He is a customer relationships digitalization and collaborative strategies expert. Therefore, he guides companies through the conception of their social media strategies and through the creation of their internal social media. He has an Executive Master's degree in Strategic Management and Competitive Intelligence. He is a EMEA Social Business Director for MSLGROUP and a Partner at Publicis Consultants Net Intelligenz. He created a blog in 2007 to write about his favorite subjects. Website (or blog): Published by Diateino: Les réseaux sociaux d'entreprise

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