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L'Art de se lancer 2.0

Translated from English by Marylène Delbourg-Delphis

In the French version of the "Art of Start 2.0", you will find 64% more content than in the first edition of Art of the Start. This book takes into account the changes which transformed the business world during the past decade. It teaches you how to efficiently use the new tools which are now inescapable to launch your start-up (cloud, social media, crowdfunding, etc.).

You want to start, you are already an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, you are the leader of a small company or of an association? This book will help you transform your new product, service or idea into a success and will be your futur travel companion as your project makes progress.

Guy Kawasaki gives you keys to position your product, create your mantra, find your business model, make a pitch, find investors, build a strong team... He also answers the good questions that all entrepreneurs ask themselves: should I protect my idea, is ita bootstrapping or a fundraiser better, do I build a partnership... or not?

By reading Art of the Start 2.0, you will feel close to Guy Kawasaki, whose sense of humour is pungent, even provocative sometimes. But he always advise you in a gracious way, given that he knows perfectly the worrying steps any entrepreneur has to go through.

You may order the French e-book on Itunes, IzibookKindle and Kobo.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki sait de quoi il parle. Il a quitté sa position prestigieuse d'évangéliste du Macintosh chez Apple pour participer à la création de plusieurs start-ups. Aujourd'hui, il aide ceux dont l'objectif est de « rapprocher l'avenir », en tant que dirigeant de Garage Technology Venture, une société de capital-risque pour jeunes entreprises, et d'Alltop, qui répertorie les flux des meilleurs blogs et sites Internet.alltop.com/Il  inspire et guide les milliers d'entrepreneurs qui se pressent aux conférences qu'il donne dans le monde entier. Son blog est l’un des plus lus au monde. Il est incontournable sur Twitter. Ses start-ups « suprêmes » : Nic, Noah, Nohemi et Nate, ses quatre enfants.Son site (ou son blog) : blog.guykawasaki.com

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