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Scaling Lean

Is your “big idea” worth pursuing? What if you could test your business model earlier in the process—before you’ve expended valuable time and resources? 

You’ll learn the essential metrics that measure the output of a working business model, give you the pulse of your company, communicate its health to investors, and enable you to make precise interventions when things go wrong

The French edition of Ash Maurya's book is available on this website.

You will find more information about the Us edition, published by Portfolio, Penguin Group here

Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya
Ash Maurya was one of the firsts to adopts Steve Blank's and Eric Ries' methods (respectively customer development and Lean Startup). He launched various products and startups such as Spark59 and WiredReach. He conducts workshops to help entrepreneurs define and test their vision. He is a mentor for startups incubators such as Mozilla Foundation, Year One Labs and Capital Factory. 

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