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Accelerating means showing ingenuity to be able to seize new opportunities, to have a proper timing for your evolution and to take the leading position.


Does one need to prove the quality of their economic model before fundraising? How to be ready, from the beginning, to face exceptional success? If a very strong growth does not necessarily mean profit, how to combine growing and making profit? Today, a company such as Uber is worth a couple tens of billions of Euros whereas it has never really proved its economic model was viable. This is the paradox every entrepreneur has to face nowadays. The main index everybody watches (business valuation) can prove to be disconnected from financial reality…


Which start-up does not want to become a unicorn?


Growth is not a quest, it is a series of difficult decisions. This illustrated book offers to help you with it!


Beyond fantasies about start-ups and hypergrowth, the authors met the founders and leaders of the most emblematic companies of the 21st century, as well as the main business angels and venture capitals in France, in the United States and in China. They identify five essential triggers to acceleration: vision, HR, culture, KPI and funding.


The virtuous circle of growth and development has finally been revealed: invest, innovate, or to sum up: build!


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