The author : Robert Papin

Robert Papin founded the entrepreneurs department of HEC (top French business school). During twenty years, he directed it and trained a very impressive number of leaders and future leaders.

The pedagogy he created and which was applied in this department has given impressive results at HEC and at other schools he transformed in France and abroad. Today, 47% of alumni that were trained by his "Entrepreneur Pedagogy" are either president or general executive of a company.

Robert Papin started several companies. He is a consultant for numerous leaders. French and international schools regularly consult him.

Robert Papin has an aggregation in management techniques. He has a doctorate in law, he is a graduated accountant and he has a degree in economic science.

Moreover, he used to work with the University of Standford, California, before managing several research programs in the United States.

Robert Papin is a member of the French Association of arbitration. He is the Honorary President of the International Foundation of entrepreneurs. He also started the European Institute for entrepreneurs.

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