Le Manuel du créateur de start-up

French translation of The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company


A real toolbox, this manual provides every entrepreneur with fitting advice and a specific process to follow in order to make one's company grow. The writers deliver you the "Customer Development" methodology conceived by Steve Blank, which initiated the Lean Startup Movement.

« Get out of your office ! »

At every stage of your creation, take into account what your customers-to-be want, meet them, put yourself in their shoes: serial entrepreneurs and teachers Steve Blank and Bob Dorf show us the way which led them and hundreds of businesses to success.


The Startup Owner's Manual


Original American Version available at Diateino. 

Translation by Amandine Auzerais, under direction from Bruno Martinaud, director of the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master at Ecole polytechnique, author of Start-up, anti-bible à l'usage des fous et des futurs entrepreneurs, Pearson, may 2012.  


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Steve Blank

Steve Blank
Steve Blank is a driving force in innovation, helping to radically reshape how startups are built and how entrepreneurship is taught. His new Startup Owner's Manual is his latest addition for entrepreneurial practitioners. Steve created the Customer Development methodology that spawned the Lean Startup movement. He teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley and Columbia. His blog, steveblank.com, is "must" reading among entrepreneurs.  Steve arrived in Silicon Valley in 1978, as boom times began, joining his first of eight startups. After 21 years the results were two deep craters, several "base hits," one massive "dot-com bubble" home run, and immense experiential learning that resulted his first break-through book,The Four Steps to the Epiphany.

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Bob Dorf

Bob Dorf
Bob Dorf is a serial entrepreneur, founding his first success at age 22 and, since then, six more: "two homeruns, two base hits, and three great tax losses," as he puts it. He's advised and/or invested in a score more startups since. Dorf is often called the "midwife of Customer Development," having critiqued early drafts of The Four Steps to the Epiphany; he and Steve have been friends and colleagues ever since.

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