The author : Marie-Noéline Viguié

Marie-Noéline was trained by world's expert of design thinking. Her education in this field was made of applications to problems related to big organizations' changes. She was the one who opened the first co-working space in France, La Cantine by Silicon Sentier, renamed Numa in 2014. She was in charge of its opening and its facilitation during 2 years. Meanwhile, she met the most innovative French digital specialists and entrepreneurs.

She started nod-A with Stéphanie Bacquere in 2009 in order to propose new ways to working methods to big companies. They were sure proposing a different vision of collaboration was possible and necessary.

She is an expert and a speaker on new collaborative working methods, corporate hacking, makers, agility for several organizations (LH forum, La Poste, HEC alumni, Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (centre for Young Leaders), Socialter, le 1, La Trinune, Usine Nouvelle…)

She used to be an expert for the Lemoine Commission, in charge of the digital transition of the French economy. She cofounded the Petit Fablab in Paris. She inspired and cofounded Museomix, a museum hacking process (25 museums around the world in 5 years).

She applies her expertise on collaborative corporate tools and processes and for daily life and coexistence (cities, parenthood, culture, politics…) too.